Committed to taking on some of the world`s most pressing challenges!
Regularly we receive well deserving requests for charitable support of local and international needs. This was particularly noticeable when the pandemic delivered its double impact: fundraising was diminished AND the needs were even greater!
Through the generosity of people like you, our work has made a difference in the lives of millions around the world. Your gift to The Kitchener Rotary Charitable Foundation allows us to improve communities by promoting peace, preventing disease, bolstering economic development, providing clean water & sanitation, and protecting our environment.
When you give to Rotary, you support the work we do in our community and around the world. We are a responsible organization that uses 90% (or more) of our funding for program support.
Your Forever Fund was established as an endowment fund where the capital remains intact, and we spend the income generated by the fund.  Some of the projects that the funds may be used to support include KidsAbility, Nutrition for Learning, the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, the House of Friendship, A Better Tent City, Indigenous Relations initiatives, Support for Peace and the Ukraine, the Kitchener-Waterloo Perth Humane Society, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, and international disasters.  Please consider giving to Your Forever Fund and make a difference in the world!
Other ways to give include one-time, monthly, or annual giving directly to our local & international communities including our Nogales and Carborca Mexico projects or to the Rotary African Women’s Education Fund.
The easiest way to give is via credit card through our online giving site at CanadaHelps. Click on the Cash button below and choose donate Once or donate Monthly. Should you wish to donate via cheque, or need any further assistance, please contact us via Email.